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We design, build, and run the foundational systems
that our clients relies on.

Services we offer

Web Application Development

Web application development is the process and practice of developing web applications. Just as with a traditional desktop application, developing web applications considers many things. For example, web security, system feedbacks, user interface, etc. There're also some risks while developing web applications software such as security and bugs. To mitigate the risk, creating a documentation, test planning, change control, requirements analysis, architectural description and formal design and construction practices are the tasks that needs to be done

Building web frameworks can minimize the time and the software defect. Web frameworks is the methodology to make the development time shorter, thus reducing the software development cost. Every updates on the frameworks can reducing the software bugs as well. In time to time, Javarave continues to improve the development service to reach customer satisfication.

System Integration

We specializes in bringing an information from different system into another system. Ensuring that those cross-information function together in multi software using automation process. We work in enterprise application integration, business process management or manual computer programming. Data quality and software knowledge are the most important part for creating seamless integration.

We provide depth knowledge of software engineering, interface protocols, object implementation, and various database platform for general problem solving to make the multi-tier software interface run smoothly.

Web Documentation

We provide web documentation for creating IT documents, technical instructions, user manuals, and step-by-step reference guides, describing software-based procedures. Web documentation is very usefull to spend less time sharing knowledge in performing day-to-day tasks. The optimization of the documentation process will free up some time for more enjoyable activities.

We understand the importance of software documentation, thus we are working to enhance the process with the help of the Javarave software product line.